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Butter biscuits

Autumn is officially baking season and since I’ve been quite obsessed with biscuits lately, yesterday I decided to spent the morning baking some nice classic butter biscuits. There’s nothing better than a sunny cold Sunday morning in the kitchen. Well, maybe a sunny cold Sunday afternoon on your sofa with a blanket, a cup of coffee and some one bite butter biscuits.

butter_biscuits_1You will need:
200 gr butter, at room temperature
250 gr plain flour, plus extra for dusting
100 gr icing sugar
3 egg yolks
A pinch of salt
3 tablespoons brown sugar
butter_biscuits_2Place the flour, the butter and the salt into a bowl. Using your fingertips, rub the ingredients together until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. This is a technique called “Rubbing in” where flour is rubbed into a fat to make dishes such as shortcrust pastry, crumbles and scones. It’s important to lift the mixture up as you rub it in so that the air going through it keeps it cool. This process is quite messy, be warned.

Once you have fine “breadcrumbs”, add the icing sugar and 2 egg yolks. Combine until you end up with a ball of dough. Cover and place in the fridge for an hour.

Preheat the oven to 200º. Flour your work surface and roll out the dough until it’s 1/2 cm thick. Cut out shapes ( I prefer small ones because thy make lighter biscuits) and place on a baking tray. You don’t need to grease it because the dough is already pretty greasy. Brush the biscuits with the remaining egg yolk and sprinkle with brown sugar.
butter_biscuits_5Bake for 10 minutes until the biscuits are lightly golden. Remove and transfer to a wire rack to cool.
Pour a nice cup of coffee, tea or chocolate and curl up in your sofa with a handful of biscuits. Keep the rest for a few days in a sealed container… if you can.


    • Absolutely! You can add them (or any nuts) just before baking. These biscuits admit any kind of toping, basically. I was tempted to add some chocolate… :)
      Thanks for passing by!

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