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Schloss Heidelberg

When tourist visit Heidelberg castle they expect a dark medieval dungeon, but they are welcomed by a curious mixture of different styles that create a wonderful ensemble, which has been known as the epitome of Romanticism.  In any case, it’s the highlight of any trip to Heidelberg. Once you go up there with the funicular train you will feel transported to a magical and beautifully quiet era. The views are spectacular and just a walk through the gardens will be enough to make you fall head over heells for the place.

Heidelberg_Castle_23Heidelberg_Castle_1Heidelberg_Castle_3Heidelberg_Castle_2Heidelberg_Castle_4If you love antiques and Frankenstein movies, please don’t miss the German Apothecary Museum.Heidelberg_Castle_5Heidelberg_Castle_6Heidelberg_Castle_7Heidelberg_Castle_8And the views, oh the views! If you are as lucky as we were and find yourself in the castle gardens on a bright October morning, I can assure you that you will have the best Autumnal experience of your life. The colours of the mountains, the little houses down in the city center, the different shades of the tres and those beautiful ruins are the perfect scenography.Heidelberg_Castle_9Heidelberg_Castle_10Heidelberg_Castle_11Heidelberg_Castle_12Heidelberg_Castle_13Heidelberg_Castle_14Heidelberg_Castle_15






Filled with that joyful energy that only crispy sunny October days can give you, descend to the town and look for the nearest Brauerei, enjoy a copious German lunch and get lost in the tiny streets of Heidelberg. Every once in a while turn back and admire the castle again, in the distance.



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