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October Favorites

October was a very nice month. We’ve worked more than ever, but we also found the time to relax and celebrate my birthday! We did a nice little trip to Heidelberg, my mum was here to visit and the weather was astoundingly merciful allowing us to enjoy some beautiful Autumnal walks. Anyway! We start our favourites of the month with this amazing burger. A real highlight!

Heidelberg_traveldiary_15Our trip to Heidelberg was a very nice walk down memory lane. We will show you some more pictures during the following days! cheese_tasting_2We attended an amazing French cheese tasting. It was one of my brithday presents :)hamman_ritualsWe’ve discovered this wonderful Rituals scrub. It’s rough, it smells minty and fresh and it leaves your skin surprisingly smooth. Like a real Hammam. Michael_Kors_bag

And finally, my beautiful Hamilton Traveler bag, by Michael Kors. My mother gave it to me on my birthday and I can’t be happier. It’s just perfect!

So these were our favourite things. The recipe that we prepared last Saturday and we will published later on today it’s probably going to be a November Favourite! So stay tuned!

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