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Heidelberg in 21 pictures

Do you remember this post? Well, in spite of the German Railway service we made it to and back from Heidelberg. Here you have some pictures of my birthday weekend in this fairy tale town, if you’d like to see…
Heidelberg_traveldiary_19We arrived just in time to see the night falling over the castle. Heidelberg was just like I remembered: unbelievably charming.Heidelberg_traveldiary_21We headed to dinner following the recommendations of the lovely Margo. She recommended us this little place, called Bier Brezel, in the Markplatz. It was the epitome of cosyness. We had a wonderful dinner and I had a little birthday surprise…
Heidelberg_traveldiary_22Then we went for a few cocktails. With my mum. That’s something I never thought I’d say…
Heidelberg_traveldiary_23The following morning we were surprised by a clear bright blue sky and a more than generous weather. We had a power breakfast and made our way to the castle, where we spent the whole morning soaking the warm Autumn sun and taking photographs of the beautiful views.
Heidelberg_traveldiary_7Heidelberg_traveldiary_6Heidelberg_traveldiary_5Heidelberg_traveldiary_24I really don’t think pictures make justice to the magnificent views and the gorgeous day we were enjoying. Please do click on the images to see Heidelberg at its best. We spent a fair amount of time wandering through the castle gardens
Heidelberg_traveldiary_4Heidelberg_traveldiary_8Finally we took the Bergbahn and we came back to Heidelberg’s city centre. We got lost, we walked, we visited the places where I used to hang out. Everything was the same, yet felt different.
Heidelberg_traveldiary_25Heidelberg_traveldiary_26Heidelberg_traveldiary_12Heidelberg_traveldiary_17That afternoon I took my mum to eat the authentic black forest cake. When I studied in Heidelberg she would always tell me that she would love to try the original black forest cake. We both have a sweet tooth! 16 years later we were able to share a piece of that decadent sweet extravaganza.
Heidelberg_traveldiary_28Heidelberg_traveldiary_14Heidelberg_traveldiary_9Heidelberg_traveldiary_3Heidelberg_traveldiary_11We spent Sunday morning sipping coffe under the sun, no coats on, planning my mum’s next visit to Germany. She will be here for the Christmas market! And to get a taste of it… we visited the most amazing Christmas shop!
Heidelberg_traveldiary_18All in all, we had a fantastic weekend. I felt nostalgic but very happy. Little I knew 16 years ago that amazing things were going to happen!


    • Heidelberg is a very beautiful place to spend the weekend. It’s small, cosy and very lively. It has a very important university, so there are lots of international students. The atmosphere is really nice.
      Thank you so much for your birthday wishes!

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