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Max Mara coats

A couple of weeks ago we made a terrible mistake. We spent an hour in the Max Mara shop in Hamburg. Bad. Very bad. We were looking for our beloved Rialto Coat, you know, just for fun. We wanted to try it on, secretly hoping it wouldn’t fit because, frankly, i’ts quite expensive. But a whole new world of exquisite coats appeared in front of our eyes. Delightfully soft fabrics, flawless cuts, superb yet sober design… Lots of coats to add to our wish lists. See? Bad, very very bad idea.
MaxMara - BronzoThis alpaca coat was a dream, something my grandmother would have loved. Super comfotable and luxurious at the same time. But since our style is more casual, we were inevitably attracted to the parkas. How sophisticated a parka can be? Here is your answer.

MaxMara - RivaGoing back to a more relaxed attire, this camel coat (you can find it in black here) was our favorite. We also liked the padded coats, they were adorable, really warm and super light. And they made us thought about cool Japanese girls.  Which reminded us that we have to plan a trip to Japan as soon as possible!


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