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The best pizza in Bremen

My mum is back in Spain. Sad face. She has been here for almost a month and now the house feels empty without her. Luckily, she will be back in a few weeks for the Chistmas Market. Yay! But before she left we took her to eat the best pizza in Bremen.

We knew that one of our favorite restaurants in Bremen, Loui & Jules, had a Italian branch in the hipster side of town, but we had never found the time to pay them a visit. Well, last weekend we did. While the city center was being invaded by the Freimarkt parade (basically a terrible display of drunk people wearing ridiculous hats dancing to very loud Schlager) we escaped to Viertel, the allegedly cooler side of town. The streets were almost empty (I didn’t know hipsters liked parades) and so was the restaurant.

loui_jules_italian_1The atmospehre was very quiet (obviously) but extremely cosy: white walls, wooden tables, candle lights here and there… Really simple but really welcoming. The paintings on the walls (including moustaches) remind us that we were in Bremen’s Williamsburg (I swear a British musician once told me that this side of Bremen was just like Williamsburg. Go figure!). A heavenly smell made our noses recognise that we were in for a treat. You know what I’m talking about: that oregano scent, with a hint of slightly burnt mozarella and a touch of basil. The international olfactory sign of Italian food.
loui_jules_italian_5We started with their take on Panzanella salad. Very tasty, beautifully seasoned… but not very Panzanella. I would order it again because it really was very nice, but I guess they should change the name, it’s confusing. This was a sort of rucola salad. Again, very nice, but nothing like Italian Panzanella. In any case, there was nothing left on the plate after a couple of minutes.
loui_jules_italian_7The main dishes arrived and we welcomed them with happy faces. My mum and I chose a pizza and P. went for the ravioli. I hereby confirm that this place serves the best pizza in Bremen. Extremely thin dough, crispy borders, with the exact amount of salt and a succulent but light topping. Buonissimo!
loui_jules_italian_6The super generous portion of ravioli had a delicious creamy filling of ricotta, mushrooms and spinachs. The sauce looked really heavy but actually it wasn’t. Everything disappeared quickly under a montain of Parmesan cheese. It was one of those dishes that gets an “I can’t eat all that” when arriving to the table, but then vanishes miraculously.

loui_jules_italian_4With no room for dessert we ordered an espresso macchiato. We continued talking and talking until we noticed people were arriving to have dinner. It was time to curl up on our coats and head out to enjoy the crispy Autumn weather.
loui_jules_italian_3So, if you happen to visit Bremen and you fancy a pizza or a huge pasta dish, head to Viertel and look for the cosiest table at Loui and Jules.
Vor dem Steintor 139
28203 Bremen
+49 421 79 42 55 88
[email protected]

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