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French destinations for Autumn

Who hasn’t dreamt about a romantic Parisian getaway in Autumn? I know, I know, it’s a cliché… but wouldn’t it be nice? The faded light, the warm croissants, the cold sunsets… But for those who prefer travelling off the beaten track, there’s more to France than Paris. That’s why we’ve put up a list of other French destinations just as charming but not so crowded. f13c47977588df34e64e5e6163dc05d5Chamonix Valley France’s Chamonix Valley is one of the most scenic places on the European continent. A narrow river valley between the peaks of the French Alps. One of the most popular Winter destinations, make the most of the low season and enjoy it’s still quiet villages and magnificent nature. 64287f22b53aa7ab41f984c26a71e0c1Orange Orange is a charming little town located in the south of France. Although it may not be as sophisticated as some of the more tourist-driven towns and villages in Provence, it has one of the most well-maintained Roman theaters in Europe. eb984f1ee3a49876ba2ca2f3aa3e934fThe garden of Èze This garden and the view over the Mediterranean Sea will take your breath away. Go early to have the garden to yourself. Enjoy the sunrise in peace and then wander through the serene paths discovering the most exotic plants. 2d8c81176c8837f2ae037c2798c38917Saint Jean de Luz Discover one of the first beach destinations in Europe. Vintage charm, subdued colours and the best cuisine: the perfect fusion between French finesse and Spanish authenticity. (Check our road trip along de Golfe de Gascogne here) 2403013edfe4222c45f1a3d1bd32734dLac Leman Lac Leman has the most spectacular view of the French Alps as a backdrop. Surround it (you will visit Switzerland too!) while visiting and staying at charming little villages and towns along the way. Splurge on a luxurious treatment at the Spa Evian Source! Place du Bareuzai, image gratuite de DijonDijon This emblematic city has inherited a unique cultural and architectural heritage within one of the greatest conserved areas in France. Dijon is also the gateway to one of the most prestigious vineyards of France: the Côte de Nuits and its world-class wines. Haute cuisine, history and 7 museums and a Contemporary Art Center to discover the new side of France. 002b6622114367282fccd518d9bef322Conques Conques, located in the Midi-Pyrenees in the south of France, is not an easy place to find. The medieval village, which boasts a gorgeous cathedral, is packed with pilgrims and hikers on the route to Santiago de Compostela.

PS: This post was inspired by AFAR magazine.

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  1. France has a lot to offer. I’d really like to go to Chamonix Valley, it just looks that good judging by photos. Thanks for the nice post and the inspiration :)

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