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An afternoon at the market

Every time I visit my family in Italy we try to spend at least one afternoon in Bassano del Grappa. I’m not lying, this charming little town has already appeared on the blog (click)! It’s one of my favourite places in the world. The faded colours of the buildings, the nice lively atmosphere on the streets, the elegant shops and the fresh air that comes from the montains make me want to come back again and again. Last month, during my short Italian getaway we managed to squeeze in our tight schedule a short visit to Bassano . Luckily for us, a special farmers’ market with regional produce was taking place at the Piazza. I took a few pictures, if you’d like to see…
Bassano_1Not only we found the most wonderful vegetables, cheeses and cold meats, we also could admire the local artisans doing their jobs. Bassano_9Bassano_8I wanted to buy that biscotti jar but I was travelling with Ryanair, if you know what I mean…  Bassano_6I don’t know if I’m specially lucky, but every time I visit Bassano the sky is that bright. A shade of blue that makes me happy. There are always flowers on the balconies and Prada shoes in a bunch of window displays. I left my heart with a black Prada pumps. So no biscotti jar and no Prada shoes. But this… this came home with me for sure… Bassano_5The most amazing cured pork. Similar to speck, but not that salty and smoother to the palate. I’m a foodie, what can I say? Bassano_4Bassano_3Bassano_2If you visit Bassano you have to take home some Sopressa vicentina. And some Funghi porcini secchi. Once in your kitchen, you can prepare this, or this or this or even this. Make sure you have time to drink a Tagliatella at the bar next to Ponte degli Alpini and enjoy the sunset over the river. You’ll love it. I promise.


  1. Lovely post. Makes me want to go to Italy and eat ! I agree with you … Ryanair is not the best if you want to go shopping on holiday.

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