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Did you see this post yesterday? After taking some pictures of that bag, we thought: how come we never speak about Hakei on the blog when it’s one of our favourite brands? So today we want to share with you their new Autumn looks! And please do notice the bags!!! 
TL-142-01TL-142-03When we lived in Spain, Hakei was our go-to shop when we were looking for a good quality bag. Some years ago they used to sell only leather goods: bags, shoes, belts, wallets… made with the best quality leather and a boho – chic allure. Afterwards they started to sell clothes, impregnated always by that effortless boho vibe.
Their bags are just our favourites: the leather is soft as butter, the colours are simply beautiful and the quality is outstanding. You can use them everyday and they will always look fantastic. I would even say that they look even better as time goes by! Once I met briefly Garance Dore and she complimented my Hakei bag! If that isn’t a stylish seal of approval, I don’t know what it is!
We wish they opened a few shops around the world to be able to enjoy their beautiful collections, but they seem to fight globalization, which really says something about them. In the meantime, we do a mandatory stop in one of their branches every time we come back to Spain!


  1. Maria D says

    I couldn’t agree more with you!
    I just bought my Hakei leather bag this weekend in Madrid, 1 hour before I left to the airport. But this purchase wasn’t a spur of the moment, it was exactly the opposite… As soon as I entered the stored I got completely hooked! The quality of the leather is amazing: light, soft and strongly sewed. And the colours of the bags are perfectly hand-picked to match this urban/relaxed/ still pretty classy look.

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