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Thoughts about Venice

It’s 9 o’clock and I’m seated on the terrace of a tiny cafe next to Piazzale Roma. In fornt of me, a quiet canal where some gondole are still sleeping. It’s cloudy and I’m actually freezing, but I don’t want to miss the view: the dark green water contrasts with the golden details of the gondole. Even in this modest canal behind Piazzale Roma, Venice is wonderful.

Venice_Sept_2014_03A warm conetto full of apricot jam and two sweet capuccini help me to stay awake. The alarm clock sounded at 4 o’clock this morning. I’m sleepy, the fog and light rain make everything feel like a dream. I can’t believe I’m here. I see the postman. On a boat, obviously. It feels like Autumn and I look for comfort in the foam of my second capuccino. The pigeons try to find som rests of my cornetto under the table. Sorry, girls. Not a crumb left. I ate it slowly and enjoying every bite. But I ate it all.

I daydream with living here with my love. That altana I see overlooking the canal would be the perfect office: I would try to write, she would try to take photographs. We would buy fresh fish and sweet tomatoes on Rialto every morning. On weekends we would have picnics at El Lido. Our life would be quiet but full of happiness and beauty.

Two German tourists with backpacks and bermudas shout. They have just seen the elegant water taxi that is about to pick them up. The handsome taxi driver looks at them with an arrogant gesture. I think that he must be tired of all the horrendous tourists that deteriorate the fantasy that is sailing through the canals of Venice on a beautiful shiny taxi. Well, that’s exactly the image of La Serenissima invaded by dreadful taste. It’s insulting.

Since I was a kid, coming to Venice was like bein invited to a wedding. I wanted to participate in the beauty, the ritual… show my respect. For me, everyday in Venice is a wedding: love, sumptuous elegance and delicious banquets.  I’ve just remembered that I’ve booked a table at La Rivetta at one o’clock. I stand up and start walking. I want to get lost and find myself in Venice one more time.


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