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Moroccan Spa with Mediteranique

villadesorangersEvery season has its trends. Also when it comes to travelling. When we think about Autumn we usually picture ourselves in the woods, by the fire place in a cosy rustic retreat or exploring a Central European city. While this sounds completely inviting, sometimes we feel like escaping, experiencing something new and changing your life if only for a few days. All in all, that’s what most of us look for when travelling, isn’t it? Then, why not thinking outside the box?

Imagine leaving behind your rainy busy routine and waking up to a blue sky, mild temperatures and orange blossom scents. A completely different scenenery: water fountains and palms, spicy food and butsling markets. Morocco could be perfect this time of the year. Such an exotic mesmerizing experience can only be improved by an exclusive treatment in one of the country’s best spas. Tradition and pampering united just for you so that you can face the cold and stress that awaits you back home.

spa-riad-fes spa--villadesorangers

But where can you find a boutique hotel that guarantees the perfect Moroccan experience with that luxurious twist? That’s easy: Mediteranique has found two perfect riads where you can forget the world and immerse yourself in a new culture. The traditional treatments of their spas would be, of course, the cherry on top.

Candle lights, Argan Oil, expert hands and hot fragant mint teas to detox, gather strength and come back ready to deal with the Autumn blues!

PS: Do you remember our virtual trip around the Mediterranean with Mediteranique?


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