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Moodboard: Morocco

We have to confess that Morocco was not very high on our bucket list. P. visited Casablanca a few years ago and came back with mixed feelings. I’ve never been to Morocco and never gave it a thought, to be honest. But recently, we’ve started reading about new hotel openings, camps in the dessert, crowded markets and lonely walks in the Atlas Mountains… and now we have the urge to visit and get to know Morocco.


What about you? Is Morocco on your bucket list? If so, stay tuned for Thursday because we will share with you something that might interest you ;)


  1. I must admit, Morocco never really has been high up on my bucket list either but the more I read about it the more it makes me want to go there. I guess it’s the beautiful tiles, the desert, the markets. Also it’s very accessible from Europe.
    Beautiful moodboard.

    xx Cheyenne

  2. I went to morocco last year and absolutely loved it! Casablanca though is truly a waste of time in such a beautiful country that offers so much more! We drove around for a week, crossed the Atlas Mountains, visited Marrakech, slept in the desert, rode a camel, saw snow.. I recommend it to everyone! But don’t got to Casablanca – the city only got popular because of the movie and it’s nothing special. There are plenty of more beautiful places to explore in the country :)

      • Inês says

        Very true! We also visited a couple of really small towns and cities and they were amazing. You have to go!! :)

    • Ines, Thank you so much for the link to the LGTB travel info!!! (I can’t reply you in that comment, i don’t know why! Weird!)

  3. Oh you have to go. I went a long time ago with a backpack, and Casablanca didn’t thrill me. There was a place called Essaouira which made a lasting impression on me. Last year I went to Marrakech for a friend’s birthday, and it was fun. The architecture is inspiring. And there were lots of things in the shops that I wanted. The food was delicious !

    • Now we really want to go. We have to go. The truth is that being a same sex couple we are a little bit afraid of going there… Maybe is stupid, but I always worry about those things when choosing a destination for our trips.

      • Hmm. It’s not stupid because you want to enjoy your holiday ! I think that it should be ok if you are not flamboyant about it … because you would be respectful of cultural aspects anyway like not baring too much skin. But I take your point that there could be individuals who would just not be tolerant and you might suffer a negative experience.

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