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Autumn brunnette

Two weeks ago I decided to change my hair a little bit and I went a few shades darker. I thought that a silky rich chocolate-ish brown would be perfect for the new season. I don’t know why but when September comes I feel like I want to be a brunette. Summer is for sunkissed hair, but Autumn calls for soft hazelnut hair, right? At least that’s what I thought. These pictures found on Pinterest were my inspiration. So I took them to my hairdresser and he told me to go only a couple of shades darker. Let’s be cautious, he said. Well, he always is: the only hairdresser I know that only cuts 2 mm of hair if you say you want to cut just the split ends. Where I come from, if you say that they will cut 4 centimeters of your hair. At least. You may even lost your mane. Anyway, I went out of the salon all happy but the following day… well, I hated it. Epic fail. Instead of the warm autumnal glow I thought my new hair would give me I looked even paler. When I talked with my mum on Skype that night she didn’t even mentioned my hair. It is that bad. So I’m just waiting a little bit to go back to my kind of dark blond/caramel hair. It sounds prettier than it is, trust me, but that’s what suits me. No more brunette dreams for me. But I think that colour of hair is gorgeous and it would look perfect with tartan and velvet, that is, typical Autumn trends.  What do you think? Anyone has experienced something like that? Please tell me that I’m not the only one disappointed with her hair…

PS: These pictures got me thinking about bangs too but my hairdresser told me that my face would look EVEN fatter.


  1. Lucky you, my mom would’ve made some comment on my hair, believe me. My philosophy about hair is – it’s just hair, you can change the color, and it also grows. It’s not permanent.

    • Yeah, I’m just going back to the salon next month and change it again… My mum always says negative things about my looks, that’s why when she said nothing I freaked out!

  2. Maybe the cut needed a couple of weeks to settle in? Hey, you’re lucky. Whenever my mum comments on my hair, it’s something along the lines of me needing to get a hair piece to “add volume”. And she’s into super layers … which on me does not look fashion forward. It just looks like a mullet that I cannot control.

    • Jajajaja!! No, but my mum is always complaining about my looks too, that’s why I got so scared when she didn’t even mention it! She was speechless!!

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