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AYR Fall 2014

I’m just back from Italy. That means I’m rethinking my wardrobe. Should I wear more heels? More glittery accessories? Do I need a pair of Hogans? Are my boyfriend jeans my worst enemy? Should I make pencil skirts my uniform? I don’t know, everytime I visit Italy I want to be girlier, I want to dress up every day and Sofía Loren becomes my style icon. But then I go back to my normal life, see images like these and I remember that I am a casual style / flat shoes / messy hair kind of woman. Besides, now that I’ve discovered this brand, AYR, I’m thinking that the feminine Italian style can wait a little longer. Maybe until I turn 40?
ayr4 ayr6 ayr9 ayr10What do you think? Don’t you love this brand? The cofounders worked together at J.Crew and Madewell. You can tell, right?

PS: I need a pair of white sneakers.

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  1. I’m in the same process of rethinking my style right now. We just moved to NYC and I started a new job, so now I’m all “oh my what am I supposed to look like?!” haha

    • Me too, me too!!! Do you know that you can customize them? Check Adidas website! I think someone is going to get a very nice pair of Adidas Stan Smith for her brithday next month… ehem… P. if you are reading this… ;)

      • Wow, ok, I didn’t realise that you can customise them. I will have to check out the website. Trouble is, when you give me the customisation option, I am sometimes crippled by too much choice !

  2. Thank you for introducing me, I had never heard of this brand! Heading to the site now. I’m with you on the Italy thing – I was there over the summer and they really do know how to dress. I never once saw an Italian girl lounging about in Lululemon’s or looking sloppy. They also just know how to live better in general – plenty of wine and delicious foods!

  3. Lol – boyfriend jeans ARE the enemy. Did you see the post “what real men think of your bf jeans”? I am trying to look more put together lately, and it takes a lot of effort! viva Sofia Loren!

    • Wow! Lucky you! I’m sure it has been an amzing experience! Heading over to your blog right now to see if you have posted about it!
      Thanks for passing by!

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