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Moodboard: Munich

October (or should we say the end of September?) is almost here and we can’t help but think about Oktoberfest. Munich is a city that we have had in mind since we moved to Germany. We have thought a lot about that trip, but as you should know if you follow us, we haven’t made it yet. Yet. The key word! Now there is finally a good excuse to go: our friends have moved there and maybe it’s time to pay them a visit, don’t you think? Munich_moodboard_2We are not specially fans of crowded places, so we probably will avoid Oktoberfest… luckily  there is a lot more to do in Munich!


  1. Oh, you have to go to Thereseinweise! During the weekdays in the early afternoon is a great time to go – there is plenty of space in the tents, and people there are happy to enjoy the afternoon and good conversation. At the least, stop by Jodlerwirt (Altenhofstr. 4, Munich) for a meal. We had a blast last year :)

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