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A secret kitchen

Today there are no food pictures. How come will you ask… it’s mmm…Monday! Well, today it’s all about mystery. In Amsterdam we enjoyed one of the funniest, more exciting dinners of our lives. But we can’t show you any pictures or give you much more information because it took place in a secret kitchen!

When we booked our table we were given a password. How cool is that? We also had to give our full names and promise to keep the secret. We arrived to what seemed like the most hipster burger place in town. Weird because the invitation said smart casual etiquette… And there we were, with our best smart casual outfits wondering if we would head out smelling like a Whopper… Anyway, we had been told to ask the cashier an exact question (secret, of course) so, even though we felt stupid, we did. And he led us to the door of a cold store. (Ok. Is this going to be dangerous?) We rang a little bell and waited until a voice asked us the password and our names. We said the password, our names and we waited. I tried to open the door because I’m anxious and not cool at all and it didn’t open. Of course. We kept waiting trying to act cool (epic fail) until the door finally opened. Suddenly we were in a complete different atmosphere: black walls, Baroque furniture with golden accents and waiters wearing bow ties. Wow. The hostess, which looked like a model, took our coats and led us to the table.

The music was amazing, the people were tall and slim and elegant (I felt a little out of place with my 155 cm but, well, I live in Germany, I’m getting used to be the Smurfette in a world of Barbies) and the place smelled amazing. Another model waitress explained to us the concept of this secret kitchen and gave us our menus. A handsome model waiter asked us which cocktail we would prefer and spent the night checking on us and offering new fancy cocktails to try. Great service. I don’t drink alcohol but that wasn’t a problem. I told him to prepare whatever alcohol free cocktail he wanted and he did. Just like that. Custom made cocktails just for me. P. went for rum based cocktails and she said they were spectacular.

Drinks in hand, the mood was flirty and fun. And then the food arrived. We had been told that they just offered a three course menu, so we knew there was not going to be much choice but… Wow. Again. We are not supposed to speak about the menu (it’s a secret kitchen, remember?) but let me tell you that we ate the most strange burger and it was scrumptious. It was something we would have never ever ordered but it was… sweet and savory and exotic and comforting. The starters were really nice, specially the squids. And that’s all I’m going to say because we are not supposed to talk about the menu. Well, I will just add that the puddings had surprising textures and were the perfect end to a perfect dinner. I haven’t said much, have I?

And then we had more cocktails. And enjoyed the music. And danced a little. We had the best time we have had in a very long time. We left reluctantly but the alarm clock was set up for 7,30 the following morning. Tourist duty! So we grabbed our coats and suddenly we were again in the street. We laughed all the way back to our hotel. We were in that fantastic mood you are when you know you’ve discovered a special place.

If you happen to visit Amsterdam, please look for this secret kitchen. It’s the perfect place for a date or a special night out with friends. The cocktails are pricey (15 Euros) but the menu is not (39 euro). The experience is worth every cent, though. You’ll have a truly fun and different evening. We promise. Now, start googling.


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