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Michael Kors Spring- Summer 2015

Normally we talk about fashion on Wednesdays but… have you seen the amazing collection that Michael Kors presented yesterday in New York? As soon as I saw the first images on Instagram I fell in love. Absolutely gorgeous yet wearable. I’m sure you can picture yourself in at least three of the looks. I don’t think that you have to be a super model to look beautiful in these outfits, they seem to be designed for real women. Here you have my favourite looks, if you’d like to see. (And please take a look at the shoes! Flats!)

KOR_0115 KOR_0147 KOR_0183 KOR_0283 KOR_0291 KOR_0309 KOR_0369 KOR_0395 KOR_0413 KOR_0427 KOR_0459 KOR_0471 KOR_0483 KOR_0530 KOR_0537 KOR_0582 KOR_0678 KOR_0710 KOR_0732 KOR_0744 KOR_0756 KOR_0778Don’t you want to be that girl? The girl that would wear those clothes: polished but casual, with effortless make up and hair, with that Mediterranean allure and a chic preppy Americana vibe? Oh, I’m deeply in love with this collection.

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