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Amsterdam photo diary

This was our first time in Amsterdam. A weekend, no plans ahead and so many things to do… What did we do? Walk. We didn’t visit any museum and gosh there are museums in Amsterdam!!! But we wanted to see the canals, discover the corners that we had seen so many times in travel magazines, we wanted to be spontaneous and we wanted to say goodbye to Summer. I felt a little bit overwhelmed because I really wanted to make the most of the weekend but also be relaxed and easy going… So I ended up a tad frustrated and anxious. Yep. That’s what happens when I try to be spontaneous. Does that happen to you too? All in all we had a great time, we walked until we were exhausted and we fell in love with Amsterdam. Obviously, we have to come back to visit some museums and eat some stroopwaffel! Here you have some pics and highlights of our weekend if you’d like to see…

Amsterdam_photodiary_1Amsterdam_photodiary_2Amsterdam_photodiary_3Amsterdam_photodiary_4Amsterdam_photodiary_8The first morning we headed to the flower market just after breakfast. I have to admit we were a little bit disappointed: we expected something bigger and more charming… Something like Bremen’s flower market actually.  But it was very nice anyway. Quite touristy, though. Amsterdam_photodiary_5Amsterdam_photodiary_7Amsterdam_photodiary_9Amsterdam_photodiary_10Amsterdam_photodiary_11One of the highlights of the day was Beginjhof, an enclosed courtyard located in the city center that dates from the early 14th century and is an authentic oasis of peace. The Begijnhof Chapel (situated in No. 29 and 30) was a clandestine church and turned out to be a beautiful and peaceful haven to shelter from the rain.  Amsterdam_photodiary_14Amsterdam_photodiary_15Amsterdam_photodiary_16Amsterdam_photodiary_17Amsterdam_photodiary_18Amsterdam_photodiary_19Amsterdam_photodiary_20With so much walking we couldn’t help but doing a little bit of windowshopping… and actual shopping. If you follow us on instagram you saw our shopping spree. Even though, most of the shops we loved where in the Jordaan & Western Canals area, we had to stop in one of our favourite shops: Dille et Camille. We discovered it while in Bruges. Sadly they don’t ship to Germany. So a quick stop and shop was mandatory.Amsterdam_photodiary_28Amsterdam_photodiary_12Italian pick me up in Mazzo, recommended by Sabrina. Amsterdam_photodiary_31Amsterdam_photodiary_23

Amsterdam_photodiary_22Amsterdam_photodiary_29Amsterdam_photodiary_30Hipster alert: late Saturday dinners at The Butcher. Best burger we’ve had in a very long time! Amsterdam_photodiary_33

Amsterdam_photodiary_26We hope you’ve enjoyed our pictures… stay tuned for a lovely sunset tour and our favourite area of Amsterdam! More posts about our spontaneous trips coming up this week!


    • Thanks, Cheyenne! We have wanted to go for a long time… and we are so glad we did! It’s great and it has so many things to do, see, eat, buy… We absolutely have to go back. :)

  1. My favourite Euro city. I’ve been lucky enough to visit several times over the last few years and your slow approach is the way to go. Easy walking or cycling and discovering your own little shops, cafes etc and taking it all in. Beats lining up in a queue. Regards Peet

    • Exactly! We saw huge queues.. almost 3 hours wait! Can you believe that? Anyway, we have to go back and explore a little bit more. A weekend was just not enough!
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Monica says

    thanks for this post. I am actually going to amsterdam at the end of the month so your post got me very excited. i will def go check out Beginjhef, looks beautiful!

    mon |

  3. Yet another one I would love to visit. I could probably live in that cheese store. It looks like a fun weekend. I’m glads you finally made it there!

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