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Hotel V Frederiksplein, Amsterdam

Last weekend we stayed in the Hotel V Frederiksplein during our spontaneous Amsterdam getaway. And it was fantastic.
Even though this hotel is not placed right beside one of Amsterdam famous canals, it’s really close to Reguliersgracht, the canal that became our favorite: quiet, romantic and beautifully adorned by its seven humpbacked bridges.  This hotel is perfect to explore both the city center and De Pijp neighborhood. You can also walk to the Rijskmuseum and the tram number 4 will take you to the railway station in about 10 minutes. So, we were really happy with its whereabouts because we only had a few hours to explore Amsterdam and we felt we were a stone’s throw away from every landmark.
Hotel_V_Frederiksplein_12Hotel_V_Frederiksplein_11Expect a hipster vibe. The staff was super young and really friendly. Beards, Nikes and denim outfits… total hipster, see? When we arrived, the receptionist (which looked like a male model from Urban Outfitters) welcomed us warmly and gave us a really nice surprise: an upgrade! This confirms again our theory: if you can book your room directly with the hotel, you should do so. Upgrade almost guaranteed (at least in our experience). Hotel_V_Frederiksplein_14The lobby was not very big but it reflected the spirit of the hotel 100%. Dark but warm shades, leather and metal, an inviting fireplace, relaxed atmosphere and cool details. We loved how they storage the room keys: in tree branches! Trendy magazines and two MAC computers were at the guest disposal to enjoy. A nice touch.Hotel_V_Frederiksplein_19Even though this was a spontaneous trip we looked the reviews in Trip Advisor before we booked our room. I mean, who doesn’t? We read that there were some rooms on the basement… that was the main reason for the bad reviews. So I phoned the hotel to ask about these rooms. I think that in these internet days we seem to have forgotten that you can simply make a phone call and talk to a real person. They were really nice and told me that only the single / small double rooms were in the basement, so we finally booked a large double room. But we end up staying in one of their V Lofts due to the unexpected (and always welcome) upgrade. And it was spectacular! The lofts are located in an adjacent building and from the entrance to the loft door you get the feeling of entering a theater backstage. The black door…

Hotel_V_Frederiksplein_18The impressive stairs…Hotel_V_Frederiksplein_17The lamps…Hotel_V_Frederiksplein_16And even the signs on the doors… Don’t you think this looks like an old theater dressing room?Hotel_V_Frederiksplein_15But when we finally entered the loft… WOW! I will let the pictures speak for themselves. The shades, the textures, the brick walls, the huge windows, the fireplace… It was like entering in ELLE DECOR.  Hotel_V_Frederiksplein_6Hotel_V_Frederiksplein_2Hotel_V_Frederiksplein_3Hotel_V_Frederiksplein_5
Hotel_V_Frederiksplein_10Hotel_V_Frederiksplein_9Hotel_V_Frederiksplein_8Hotel_V_Frederiksplein_7We spent the weekend saying that we could easily live in that loft. The kitchen was perfect, small but fully equipped, the bathroom was super chic, the living room was a tad masculine and kind of sexy and the bedroom was like a little love nest. We want our next home to look just like that.

We totally recommend the Hotel V Frederiksplein if you are looking for a modern boutique hotel in Amsterdam. Location is great for exploring, the lofts are spectacular and the staff is super nice. Breakfast is standard but good, with BIO products, cute tiny cheeses, freshly baked pastries and the prettiest coffee mugs. Our only advice would be avoiding the lofts on the second and third floors. Steep steep stairs not for the faint hearted!!!

You can book your room here.


  1. Nena, that’s not a loft, that’s an apartment! So, homey and cozy. Can you tell I’m totally jelly here? Oh, and I love your “I think that in these internet days we seem to have forgotten that you can simply make a phone call and talk to a real person.” haha

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  5. Just to let you know that I fell in love with the hotel right after after reading this article and – as a result – I booked a room there for my next trip at the end of April! Can’t wait :-) Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Really? That’s so cool!!! Thanks for trusting our recommendations!! Please do book a table at the Secret Kitchen, which is quite close to the hotel!! (we did a post about it ;) If you have any further questions or we can help you with anything please let ua know!!

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