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Zara Pre-Fall

This year I’m really looking forward to Autumn. I want to feel the crispy air and I want to finally master the layering techniques. That’s what Autumn is about, no? Oh, Autumn fashion… isn’t it the best? The famous layering, the colours, the textures… and this season I’m liking Zara! What? Yes! I find a little bit difficult to find nice pieces at Zara. On magazines, blogs and ads everything looks fine but then I don’t find those pieces in the shops. And if I find them, they just don’t look as… polished. Is it just me? Anyway, their Pre-fall collection rocks! Here you have some images, if you’d like to see…

zara2zara3zara4This coat looks amazing. It’s not my beloved Max Mara Rialto coat, but it could be a nice  alternative. On a budget, of course.zara5zara6zara7

What do you think: yay or nay?


  1. It’s a lovely collection. I like autumn layering. I agree about Zara. The pictures look great but when you inspect the clothes more closely, quite often something will disappoint – the fabric or the quality or the fit isn’t great. I bought a grey silk dress with stone detailing on the neckline several years ago. On the first wear, I went to a birthday dinner, and one of the stones fell out. I couldn’t find it, and anyway, I wouldn’t know how to fix it if I had found it. I was distraught because the dress was unwearable after that !

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