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The perks of travelling off season

September is one of our favorite months to travel. High season is over and crowds finally return home. The weather is still nice but milder and every landscape seems quieter, waiting for Autumn to arrive. It’s the perfect time to enjoy a relaxed getaway. Travelling off season has only perks in our books. It’s not about the money, though it helps. It’s about the feelings and experiences: the melancholy of a lonely beach in November or the happiness of those warm first rays of sunshine in an empty little cove in April. The silence of a city like Venice in Winter or a sunset all for yourself in otherwise crowded Mykonos. The sensation of plenitude, loneliness, uniqueness. That feeling of being a traveler more than a tourist. Who doesn’t love it? We certainly do… and it’s a feeling that can be addictive. What about you? Are you off season  junkies like us?

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    • Hi Michele! One of the best getaways of my life was a fantastic long weekend in Venice… in December! It was absolutely stunning and tehre were almost no torurists.
      Thank you so much for passing by and leave your comment!

  1. You hit the nail on the head. That’s why we went to Prague in March and we would love to see Paris in the winter.

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