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Weekend style icons: Caroline

This week we are inspired by Caroline, from House of Harper, who is going to help us with this transitional weather that we adore: not too cold, not too hot, perfect for layering and strange combinations. Here you have more images if you’d like to see…

harper2Jackets and jumpers with bare legs. Now’s the time! harper3White shirts… because they are always appropriate and perfect and we can’t live without them (Yay to basics!)  harper4harper5And who else is excited about ponchos and wraps??? harper6Stripes, camel, grey and red Hunters. I just LOVE this outfit… harper7And more stripes and denim with leo accessories… harper8Cargo pants says hey Autumn! Turquoise necklace says Summer, I don’t want to let you go… harper9What do you think? Don’t you like her style? More images and inspiration on her blog, House of Harper.

Happy weekend!!!

PS: Do you remember this post? Well, we’ve made it! We are finally going to Amsterdam!!! This weekend!!! If you want to follow us along check our Instagram feed and if you have any tips and recommendations, please send them via Twitter!!!


    • Thank you so much Cheyenne!! I still can’t believe it… I know is not an exotic destination but we’ve tried to go so many times and it’s finally happening! Yay! Besides, it’s quite spontaneous… so it’s weird for me ;)
      I really like Caroline’s style too… comfy and cute!

  1. Woo hoo Amsterdam ! Can’t wait to see your posts. Love the ideas above. I’ll have to use some in the transitional weather. Only think I’m unsure of is the ponchos – they don’t look great on me.

    • We’re just back. What a weekend!!! We’ll post some pics and tips soon :) About ponchos… well they hide everything so they are per-fect for me :)

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