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Spinning, I like you

I hate sports. It’s a fact. I’d love to love them… but I just don’t. Nevertheless, I have always practiced some kind of sport: I started with basketball. I’m 155 cm (5 feet) so it was… challenging. Not the best way to start my relationship with sports, I guess. Then I started going to the gym. Aerobic was huge back then, so aerobic it was. Then it was yoga. Then back to the treadmill and weights and finally… I discovered spinning. And I can proudly say that I’ve been practicing this sport three times a week for about 5 months now. And I like it because…

 1. You are seated. I mean, for a lazy person like me that’s fantastic!

 2. If you feel tired you can easily hide it. You just keep riding but with less intensity and little resistance. Nobody will notice… it’s not like in a boot camp when you fall down on the floor breathless and everyone keeps jumping. That’s obvious. Faking it in spinning is more discreet. I love that.

3. You sweat. A lot. Even if you are not making the most of it, you will sweat. And that will make you feel all sporty and a legit member of the class.

 4. It boosts your energy levels. I have to admit that I used to hate people who claims that sport gives you more energy but… well it’s true-ish. Being able to finish a spinning class makes me feel proud of myself. And that makes me happy and that gives me an energy boost. But I can’t move my legs a couple of hours later so, not so energetic after all.

 5. It’s a great excuse to listen to that horrendous loud music that you will never admit that you like.

 6. After a spinning class I know that I won’t have to hit the gym the following day. And that’s a wonderful feeling: knowing that the next afternoon I will be on the sofa, out and about shopping or just enjoying life outside the gym…

Because I hate sports and that’s not going to change!


  1. I love sports, but don’t practice anyone right now. Spinning is awesome because, as you said, you just sit and then you can go at your own pace. Although, I’ve heard of instructors turning up the intensity in your bike, not cool. Do you know what my favorite part of exercising is? Anything that happens laid down on the floor. I don’t care even if it is crunches. As long as I’m down, I’m in.

  2. Hmm I saw people doing a spinning class while I stood on the street. I guess the gym thought that it would be good advertising to have a big glass window. But I thought it looked like so much effort and everybody’s face looked like a tomato about to burst. That put me off !

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