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Bobbi Brown Beauty. Pretty natural

We love natural make up. No make up make up. Barely there make up. And Bobbi Brown is the queen in that field. I remember buying a super natural but flattering Bobbi Brown gloss for my first job. I wanted to look nice but serious. It was one of my first attemps to look professional but still fresh and young. Oh, the things that we believe make up can do… Anyway! I’ve purchased two new products from Bobbi Brown recently and since then I’ve been wearing them non stop. Do you want to have a look?
Let’s take a moment to admire this absolutely gorgeous shimmering powder. bobbi_brown_makeup_3I use it on my cheekbones, because… well, that’s what it’s for, but I have to control myself in order not to brush it all over my face because it’s so pretty I just want it everywhere!!! I’ve always been a matte face kind of girl but since I’m a woman now and skin tends to loose that bright complexion that we hate when we have 20 years but we long for in our 30s,  I now believe that glowy dewy skin is the holy grail of beauty. And this product gives me the illusion of 23 year old skin. And, again, it looks pretty. bobbi_brown_makeup_1But my super duper Bobbi Brown favourite is this brow kit. I’ve always liked “strong” brows. I think it’s fair to say that my eyebrows survived the 90’s crazy heroin chic look (which involved almost no eyebrows) thanks to my Audrey Hepburn obsession. I loved her eyebrows and that’s why I didn’t over-plucked mine. That obsession also gave me a really short haircut that… well, wasn’t very gentle with my face. But that’s another story. Back to the brow kit! The brush is quite harsh, so you have to use it gently, but apart from that, the shape of the brush and the super pigmented powder will help your eyebrows to be more defined and polished without looking like Cara Delevinge’s eyebrows on a bad day.

What about you? Any favourite Bobbi Brown products?


  1. Oh looks lovely! And reading your text it also works perfectly! :D

    Haven’t bought any Bobbi brown products yet though… I probably should?! ^^

    x Aurélie

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