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Weekend style icons: Annabel

Since this week we’ve talked about Normcore… here you have some inspiration that may follow this trend. Annabel is one of those girls with a next door neighbour allure and the always wanted effortless cool vibe. She can teach us about the subtleties of this trend, not obvious to not-fashionistas!

anna2Remember this post about soft cardigans? Well, this is how you rock them. With Birkenstocks and Celine bag… nice…  anna3Grunge is back, in case you didn’t know it. anna4Checked shirt tied to your hips/ waistline…  Plus white sneakers.anna5Sneakers again… mixed with a designer bag. anna6Birkenstock again and a bucket bag. The accessories do the trick! anna7Ok, now I feel the urge to succumb to the Birkenstock trend. Seriously. I will buy them in Autumn, because I’m like that. Always late. anna8And of course, stripes.anna9

What do you think? Isn’t she trendy? Lesson learned?

More images and inspiration on her blog, Annabel Rosendahl.

Happy weekend!


  1. I agree with wanderingcows. I’m also late on trends too, I just don’t know what it is, but definitely no Birkenstock for me. I would take her Goyard in a heartbeat though.

    • I would take her Celine bag too… Anyway, it’s already cold and rainy here so I guess the Birkenstocks will have to wait for next Summer.

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