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Moodboard Amsterdam

Last week we almost booked a trip to Amsterdam. We wanted to do something spontaneous, so we decided we would book a hotel for the weekend, jump on a train and enjoy the city! Of course that didn’t happen. I just can’t be spontaneous. No hotels available, problems with the trains… I hate being spontaneous but when I try the universe stops me!  Anyway! Amsterdam is one of those cities that we want to visit but apparently we can’t, like Stockholm or New York. Oh well… we’ll just keep trying! Maybe next Spring? I can totally picture us on our super cool bikes, smelling the tulips, wandering through the Canals, eating Gouda… sigh! ;)

What about you? Are you spontaneous when booking your trips and holidays? Or are you a control freak like me?


  1. Next time! But it’s summer, maybe that’s why hotels were full? Maybe when everybody’s back to school and work. You can do it!

  2. Like you, sometimes I try to be spontaneous and it doesn’t work out. A few weekends ago, me and 3 friends talked about going to Berlin for a weekend in the autumn. Everybody said “yea yea yea”. 15 emails later and we are still stuck with lack of agreement on dates. Then you just lose the impulse of the moment.

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