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Virtual blog tour

Today’s post is something different from everything we’ve done before. Today we are going to open up and speak about our creative process and how The slow pace works. Spotted Cow, one of the Wandering cows (and one of the nicest people we’ve met through the blog) asked us to participate in this project and we couldn’t say no. We don’t usually like this kind of things but since we all struggle to create content, I thought it would be really interesting to read about how creative minds work and share tips and bits. So this is going to be a looooong post. You better grab something to drink, cuddle up in your sofa and… let’s go!

What am I working on?
As you may know, this blog is created by P. and me. She does the photography and design and I’m in charge of the content and writing. We actually are an engineer and a cultural manager so this is mainly our hobby, but we take it very seriously. We dedicate almost all afternoons and weekends to create our content. And we love it. We even wish that this was our full time job! We’ve taken some courses on travel journalism and photography since we started blogging and we work everyday to improve the quality of our blog.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
We are really normal girls. We try to be honest and just post about what we like. So do we belong to any genre? We seriously don’t know… We don’t pay much attention to statistics, actually. Even when all the blogging 101 courses tell you to find a niche, even when Google Analytics says that we should write more about this or that… if we like something, we talk about it. It’s our blog and we do what we want to! ;) This means we cover very different topics, so we like to think that we offer a wide range of content. And we try it to be fun.

Why do I write/create what I do?
We started the blog because we felt really lonely when we moved to Germany. We wanted to meet people, share our favourite things… and that’s strange because we are usually quite shy. We discovered our love for travelling a long time ago and we decided to focus on that passion. Afterwards, we couldn’t help but add posts about food beacuse we love, love, love food. And a little bit of style too because we secretly wanted to be like those cool girls in magazines, on other blogs… Which we are not. But we try. After a while we started collaborating with El Viajero and CGC Daily and we are really proud of it! So basically we enjoy writing and taking prohographs. We will see where this takes us!

How does your writing/creating process work?
We get inspired by our everyday life. It might be very normal, but we try to focus on the tittle pleasures of our daily routine. We are always thinking about our next trip, so travelling always inspire us. And magazines! We love magazines and we are always buying and reading them to learn new tricks and trends. We usually start by brainstorming new ideas and then we will work on our editorial schedule. Usually we plan our posts three weeks in advance.  Once we decide to post about something, images come first. The text always comes after we have the pictures sorted out.

So that’s our virtual tour. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. We can’t wait to read what Cheyenne, from the wonderful blog Bohemian Journeys has prepared for next week. She is the kind of girl we would have wanted to be at her age. We find her blog extremely inspiring! Check her virtual blog tour next Monday!


  1. Like the yellow bike ! Coincidentally, I saw an all orange one this morning.

    It’s great reading how you do your posting – to know which of you does what task. I’m glad that I am not the only one that doesn’t do exactly what the Blogging 101 tells you to do. Otherwise, I would not enjoy it in the effort to be “commercial”. I like very much that you write about the things that you love. I like that you have the regular features like the Mmm Monday and the mood boards. It requires some forethought from you but I like looking forward to them. It’s a bit like tv programmes ! I haven’t worked out what regular features I would like to have … but I am not too stressed … one day I will wake up and know !

    • P. took that photo in London, so I guess it’s normal that you find something similar ;)
      Reading this comment was one of the best things of the blog so far!!!! Thank you!!!!
      PS: Stay tuned for our next Mood board ;)

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