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Orecchiette with home made tomato sauce and sopressa vicentina

This is the kind of recipe we usually prepare (or should we say improvise?) during a lazy rainy Sunday. You will need just a few basic ingredients and no measures, no rush…basically no rules. Just a little bit of nice music while you prepare it and lots of love for home made slow cooked food.

Ladies and… well, ladies (are there any gentlemen around here?) prepare yourselves for an absolutely scrumptious dish: orecchiette with home made tomato sauce and sopressa vicentina. As you can see we are terrible at naming our recipes, but well, the name describes it perfectly! ;)


You will need:
(Warning: no measures here, just handfuls and little bits! This here serves two hungry ladies)
-A generous handful of orecchiette per person (We used De Cecco, but you can use any other nice Italian brand)
-Extra virgin olive oil
-Two cloves of garlic (crushed)
-A handful of fresh herbs (roughly chopped). We’ve used marjoran, oregano, thyme and basil but you can use pretty much any herb you like. Just a tip: if you use sage be careful because it’s very strong and it will cancel other flavours.
-300 gr. of cherry tomatoes (chopped). It’s important that you tell your greengrocer that you want to actually cook them because they will be different from those you will use for a salad.
-Two thick slices of sopressa vicentina (chopped)
-Parmesan cheese
orecchiette_with_sopressa_5The recipe is really easy. Beginners level with proffesional results! First bring a large pan of water to the boil. Add the orecchiette and cook according to the packet instructions. We don’t add salt because the sopresssa is quite salty, so there’s no need.
orecchiette_with_sopressa_4Now, to the sauce. Add a glug of olive to a hot pan and throw the crushed garlics into the hot oil. When the garlic starts to soften, add the tomatoes and turn down the heat. It’s time to let the tomato sauce cook slowly and nicely. You will see that the tomatoes melt, that’s the moment to add your fresh herbs. Stir and let everything cook slowly for about 15 minutes. Finally add the sopressa vicentina and keep stirring and cooking for another fice minutes.
orecchiette_with_sopressa_2By now your pasta should be cooked, so drain it. Tip the pasta into a bowl and before adding your sauce, drizzle a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. Lastly stir the sauce into the pasta and sprinkle a couple of basil leaves. Serve with a little bit of grated Parmesan cheese and enjoy your meal! There is nothing as comforting as a big bowl of pasta with juicy home made sauce!


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