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One-piece swimsuit, bikini… or nothing at all?

Have you ever been to Formentera? We spent a couple of beautiful days in this peaceful and extremely gorgeous island three months ago. During our stay we discovered the most amazing beach, which became immediately our favourite beach in the world. It was not a hidden cove, actually it was very close to Ses Illetes, the most visited and photographed beach in Formentera, but it was almost empty, I would even say it was lonely. Just a few couples, a family over there… but it was so quiet and peaceful… and then we realized no one was wearing swimsuits. Yep. Nudist territory. Oh well, we laid out our towels to enjoy the most glorious day under the sun. But after a while I took off my swimsuit. Say what?

If someone who knows me is reading this, they have just probably chocked. Everyone knows that I’ve never been happy with my body and I dress like a nun sometimes. I just don’t like showing my skin, because I don’t like my body. It’s as simple as that. I feel safer with my botton ups, my long sleeves and my boyfriend jeans. But that day I didn’t even think about that. It just felt the natural thing to do. No one was looking, no one was showing off, we were reading, sunbathing or swimming in complete silence. And then I understood why people love nudism.

No clothes to tell me that I was an L or an S. Just my SPF and by Cruciani bracelets. I felt strangely powerful and free. And in front of the immensity of the sea, I felt tiny. Oddly enough, wearing nothing but my own skin (and towns of sand, because I just can’t be on the beach and don’t turn into a croquette) felt restorative, comforting and extremely liberating.  Better than the best firming cream, because there is nothing as a firm self-esteem to make you feel beautiful and proud of yourself.

I’m not a converted and I probably won’t do it in another beach or any time soon, but it felt sensational. I just thought that maybe you should try it sometime… Would you do it?

PS: Check our post about Formentera here.

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    • Thank you so much, Chelsea! You should try it! I never thought I would and then I enjoyed it! The beach was almost empty, though :) You have four kids? You are so lucky! We hope to see you back on the comment section!

  1. mmmm not gonna happen… bikini como maximo. Y si te encuentras con alguien conocido? Con mi suerte…

    • Jajajajajaja!!! Eva, el secreto está en ir a una playa solitaria en temporada baja. Y bueno, imagino que ese alguien conocido tendría más vergüenza que tu, no? Además, siempre te queda ponerte una buena pamela y unas gafas de sol grandotas!!! ;)

  2. I’ve done the whole going naked thing too and I have to say, it aint half bad! Once you get over the initial ‘woahhhh’ feeling, it feels pretty liberating!

  3. This is such a beautiful post! When I was in Greece a few months ago, my best friend and I decided to go topless on day. We were so anxious leading up to the moment when we unleashed our ladies, but once we did, it felt so natural. So normal! It was anti-climatic. There was no embarrassment, no judgement. Just us and the world! It felt amazing and the next time I’m in Europe I fully plan to go topless again! And yes, I would definitely go nude should the fancy strike me :) xx

    The What’s In Between

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