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Moodboard: Stockholm

Every Winter we decide that we have to visit Stockholm the next Summer. Then Summer arrives and we just don’t book the trip. I don’t know why… it seems like we can’t find the time to visit Stockholm in Summer due to our yearly travels to Spain. But don’t you think this is a city you have to visit in Summer?
Anyway, the main reason why I want to visit Stockholm is not its architecture, royal palaces, charming colourful streets or state of the art cuisine and design. Not even the ABBA Museum! The truth is that I want to visit Stockholm because I want to try the real Cinnamon Buns! #foodie, I know.


  1. Cinnamon Rolls??? Excusa perfecta. A mi me pasa lo mismo con París, de hecho tengo un blog programado sobre por qué nunca puedo ir :-(.

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