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Bar El Tomate, Madrid

When we visit Madrid we always meet our friend A. for lunch. She knows the best places to enjoy really (but really) good Spanish food. Last Summer she took us to Mercado de la Reina, which is now one of our favourite spots in Madrid, and this years she introduced us to the wonders of Bar El Tomate. This restaurant is not new, in fact we wanted to try it for a long time. But when we got A’s sign of approval, we knew the lunch was going to be fantastic.

We met on a very cold day for Madrid’s standards and were welcomed by a warm atmosphere, quiet conversations and a smell that… oh, my! It was heaven: imagine warm grill meat, with a touch of traditional Spanish food and notes of Italian pizzas. What a perfume! It was a strong mix, but it smelled heavenly, believe us. With our mouths already watering we sat around a cozy table by the window and went through the menu.
restaurante_tomate_7Finally we decided to ask for several specialties so that we could share them. The Spanish omelette (tortilla de patatas) was an obvius choice. It has received several awards, so…
restaurante_tomate_2No disappointment, quite the opposite. One of the best tortilla de patatas that we’ve ever tried. We should have ordered ten portions more… Next time, maybe. Then we ordered the selection of croquettes. They were absolutely brilliant.  Not greasy at all, with a smooth bechamel and really intense flavours.restaurante_tomate_6A. suggested we should not miss their pizza. So… said and done. A grilled vegetable pizza, it was.
restaurante_tomate_5We didn’t expect such a thin dough and crispy yet light crust. The topping was really nice, but we agreed that what made that pizza fantastic was the dough. My mother (who came with us that day) loved it and please bear in mind that she prepares the best pizzas in the world.
We couldn’t leave without tasting their meat, so we ordered the sirloin steak with mustard sauce. You can see it in the first picture… You know what? Let’s admire it again…
restaurante_tomate_1Served with a generous portion of allumette potatoes and Padron peppers, it was spectacular. Even though I’m not a big meat lover, I have to admit that this dish was absolutely delicious. The meat was tender and the peppers were beautifully seasoned. The amount of salt was just perfect, which is usually difficult when serving this kind of peppers.
Quite a feast, huh? Well, it was time for dessert… We always have room for dessert. This time we chose the cheese plate. restaurante_tomate_4The goat creamy cheese was our favourite. Though all of them were espectacular. I know that when it comes to cheese, France is always the first country we think about, but please remember that Spain produces amazing cheeses. So next time you visit Spain, you look for a nice plate of cheese maybe?
restaurante_tomate_3All in all, we can’t recommend this place enough! As always, A. takes us to the best places! Bar El Tomate is the perfect place for a nice meal with your family, a cosy dinner with your significant other or an afterwork snack with friends. They use only the best produce and, therefore, they can offer and amazing menu with really affordable prices. The decor is beautiful: rustic with a scandi touch, which results in a homely and casual atmosphere. We would recommend this restaurant specially if you are visiting Madrid’s city center but want to escape from the hustle and bustle!
Bar El Tomate
Fernando El Santo, 26
28046 Madrid
T +34 917 023 870


  1. Me muero… Otro sitio al que ir cuando esté por allí. Ni el jogging, ni el spinning, ni nada me va a salvar de lo que voy a engordar.

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