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Weekend style icons: They all hate us

Friday! Yay! Though I have to admit this first week of work after the holidays hasn’t been that bad. To finish the week, we wanted to have a look at one of the best blogs when it comes to finding inspiration: They all hate us. Created by Tash and Elle, it’s the place to go for beautiful fashion images, interesting quotes and Pinterest galore. Sometimes, these two sophisticated women post pictures of their outfits, making us want to buy absolutely everything, which we could do because each month they suggest 10 wardrobe key pieces to look as fab as they look.
tahu2tahu3tahu4tahu5Our favourite looks are, of course, the ones with a casual vibe. Somehow they made them look kind of sophisticated, don’t you think? They have a fun but grown -up style that we adore.

More images and inspiration on their blog, They all hate us.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Dania says

    Amazing inspirations, my favorite is the last one.


      • No, ya me gustaría. Estoy mirando para ir en navidades pero me tienen que aprobar las vacaciones! En cuanto las tenga compro los billetes.

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