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A charming Summer: Arles

For those of you who are still or holidays, or even planning your next trip, here you have a nice suggestion: Arles. In this, our fourth installment of our Charming Summer series, we want to share with you a mini guide of Arles, a romantic French town with an impresive historical background and a lively atmosphere.

Discover Van Gogh’s footsteps in Arles, where the painter lived during his most productive years. What about a coffee in the famous yellow café?

Admire the Roman Arena, in a surprisingly good state of conservation. If you want you can even attend a bullfight. Not for everyone, but still a unique experience.

Visit Le Rencontres Arles, a festival dedicated to photography that takes place between July and September. More information, here.

Enjoy a magical evening wandering its tiny streets iluminated by charming little lights.


Savour the delicious traditional cuisine of Provence at Le Galoubet (18, Rue du Docteur Fanton). Don’t forget to try the asparagus with eggs and grilled lardo. Of course, you can’t leave without feasting on a classic cheese plate!

The Grand Hotel Nord Pinus is an elegant 50s-style establishment. With an undeniable vintage charm, a delightful decor and a strong personality, it checks all the right boxes for a perfect stay in Arles.


  1. Claire, the french girl from Switzerland says

    Did you visit the Arles Museum? I’ve been very impressed.
    Christian Lacroix is an “enfant du pays” too.

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