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Maje Fall / Winter 2014

I’m back from holidays so it means it’s Autumn for me. I don’t care if we have almost a Summer month left. I have my eyes on September and I’m getting ready for it. Actually it’s a matter of survival: if I don’t think about Autumn I’m going to be depressed because everyone is still on holidays and I’m stuck at work. So! Let’s start reviewing Autumn collections! Maje is one of my favourite brands and I’m always looking forward their new collections. A friend of mine once said that they offer always the same pieces, different takes on basics and plain colours but… That’s exactly why I love it! They do wearable. And wearable is what I want.


Coats, shirts and black boots. Grey and check prints. Cool sweatshirts and black blazers. White chasmere jumpers, skinny jeans and leather. That’s all I want for Autumn. Maybe they haven’t rediscovered the wheel, but they sure create excellent quality timeless pieces that you can wear again and again. And Lou Doillon is their face this season. I don’t need anything more!

Buy it here.


    • Hi Cheyenne!
      We will be featuring Sandro collection very soon ;) It’s one of our favourite brands too.
      I don’t like really cold cold, that’s why Autumn is my favourite season!

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