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A little update: On holidays, spinning classes and a happy new year

We are baaaack! After two weeks in Spain we feel like we need holidays to get over our holidays. We have no energy at all (Running after our nephew and niece on the beach was harder tan expected),  we feel weird in Germany (Where are the bars? And the people? And the olive oil?) and we have so many things to do that we don’t know where to start (168 mails this morning. Seriously?). I have an article due on Monday and I haven’t even started, we haven’t posted since Friday, our house needs a serious make over… well, at least we have unpacked and the refrigerator is full.

We want to go back to our beloved/hated spinning clases this afternoon. Well, you know what? I’ve been attending these clases regularly for about three months now and I surprised my doctor: I haven’t lost a gram, nor have I gained any muscle. So what’s the point? I guess working out makes me go to sleep with a clear conscience. Please tell me that you work out and look like you don’t work out too. Or are you all like those people in Instagram with their amazing before/after pictures (Just four months? Really?) and #bodybyiza imposible exercises? Am I alone here?

Anyway, this week we have to work a little bit on the blog. We want a new lay out, new collaborations and brand new content. Because the new year is almost here with its resolutions! And yes, I’m talking about September. Am I the only one that feels that September is the new January? For me it is. So here we are: back from holidays, looking forward to Autumn. Every year it’s the same: tartan and velvet are back in September and so are my  thoughts about loosing weight, write more and have a (more)wonderful life. Let’s see what happens…

In the meantime stay tuned for some travel diaries!  I have made short videos! Now I have to fight with the video editor… I hope I win!!

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  1. Me (raises hand)! I try to exercise but still eat the same, sooo, no changes here. I’m jealous about your vacation in Spain, you are so close. I’m just planning my trip to Madrid for the holidays and can’t wait. Also, I feel what you say about September being the new year. It’s when school used to start! Hope you have a smooth transition back to reality. It sure takes me a while to get into the rhythm of things.

    • Hi Eva! The saddest thing is that I’ve been on a diet!! Anyway… I’ll keep trying… I’m from Madrid so if you need any tip or recommendation please send me an E-mail an maybe I can help you with your trip!!!

  2. I’m still suffering post-holiday blues and I’ve been back over a week! So I can empathise. But there is still the rest of August!!! Looking forward to your “new year” resolutions and blog renovations.

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