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Weekend style icons: Izortze

Let’s start August in style! Quick post today because we are  preparing our suitcases: we go back to Germany this weekend. Sad face. Anyway! Today we want to introduce you to Izortze, from the blog Clochet.

clochet2clochet3If you follow us by now you should know why we love her style: cool basic casual pieces, clean cuts and monochromatic looks. No accessories and effortless attitude.
clochet4clochet5And this is when I admit that I’m starting to like ugly shoes… But no, I haven’t succumbed to this tren (yet). Now, let’s take a moment to admire these wonderful Summer oufits…
What do you think? Do you like her style? More inspiration and pictures on her blog,Clochet.

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. So many beautiful looks. Wanna wear all of them at the same time. :D
    Happy Thursday, Lali

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