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8 cooking classes around the world

We love cooking and we love travelling, so why not mixing up the things we love the most? Here you have eight cooking schools around the world that will make you want to buy a ticket and start cooking!!

1.Shashi cooking classes, Udaipur

Shashi is an Indian woman that has turned  her cooking skills into a job. She will teach you her cooking tips and will share with you delicious Rajasthani recipes, from paneer cheese to paratha and chapati. After your cooking class, you can sit down with her and her sons and enjoy your food.

2. Silom Thai cooking school, Bangkok

Start your class in the market and learn all things possible about Thai products and ingredients before heading to your cooking class.  You will cook a whole Thai meal from scratch and experience the rich colors, unique flavors and smells of real Thai cuisine.

3. Santa fe school of cooking, Santa Fe

This cooking schools offers an array of different classes: from outdoor cooking classes to a three-day Southwest Culinary Boot Camp.  Everything to master the Southwestern flavours with the best teachers, icnluding some celebrity chefs!

4. Barcelona cooking school, Barcelona

Soak in the intricacies of Spanish cuisine in this school located in the heart of Barcelona.  Why not spending an evening learning all about Paella, crema catalana, tapas and all the Spanish culinary greatest hits? You can also accompany one of the school’s Chefs on the hunt for ingredients at barcelon’as celebrated La Boqueria Market.

5. Staylalibela cooking school, Lalibela

At the Lalibela Cookery School in the ancient capital of Lalibela, Ethiopia, you will learn, on a wood-fired stove, how to make injera and some of the complimentary lentil and chickpea curries and sautéed vegetables served with it. Of course, after the cooking demonstration you will get to taste your creations and finish the meal with Ethiopian coffee.

6. La cuisine, Paris

Macaron classes?  French croissant classes? French baguette classes? La Cuisine will guide you through the famous French gastronomic world. This school can teach about pretty much every French classic dish you can imagine. Their cheese workshops are the perfect way to learn the essential of French cheeses.

7. Enricca Rocca, Venice

Enrica Rocca is the kind of cooking instructor that turns cooking school culinary models upside down. She will teach you how to enjoy cooking, seeking out the best ingredients, and when and where to find them. Full day lessons include a trip to Venice’s Rialto fish and produce market, where Enrica teaches you how to choose ingredients. The walk is gorgeous and you stop along the way at some of her favorite cafes and bars to fuel up on a sprtiz before returning to her house to prepare the meal of a lifetime.

8. A mi manera, Cusco

Marcos,  born and raised in Cusco will walk with your through the streets of the city and teach you all about teh Peruvian street food on the way to San Pedro Market. In the market you will discover the local produce and herbs, Aonce in the restaurant, expert chefs will tutor you in the ways of Peruvian cuisine and, of course, the famous Pisco sour.

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  1. Have you tried them all? We did a cooking class in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was good fun. And the best part was that we could eat everything afterward. But I’ve decided that I prefer food tours because I can just do the eating !

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