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Weekend style icons: Paulien

Today we are off to Spain!!!! Applause, applause!!! While looking for some travel outfit ideas I stumbled across this picture. Isn’t that outfit perfect in its simplicity? Obviously I had to discover who that girl was… And thanks to Pinterest I found her! Meet Paulien, also known as Polienne.
She is a model, hence the gorgeousness, and she rocks the casual off duty style. I love every single outfit on her blog.
poli9poli8I’m so inspired by her looks… meaning I have to try and copy all her looks, ehem…

poli7poli6poli5poli4I think it’s obvious that she loves boyfriend jeans (and so do I!). She combines them whith pretty much every kind of sandals and tops and the result is always really pretty.

What do you think? Isn’t she cool?
More images and inspiration on her blog, Polienne.

Happy weekend!


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