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Loui & Jules, Grill boutique

We first visited this restaurant because we wanted to try their burgers. And they were gooood. The tartufo burger wass superb. But that day we didn’t have our camera with us so we came back…

Loui_et_Jules_2This restaurant has a lovely terrace by the river, so we decided to make the most of it and enjoy the wonderful sunset. The weather was warm, there was a light breeze, it was Friday night.. life was good. But we didn’t feel like ordering burgers, so I guess you will have to believe us when we say they are the best burgers in Bremen. Instead, we went for a “lighter” dinner…
Loui_et_Jules_3Starting with the most simple yet delicious appetizer served in the cutest little pans: warm bread with extra virgin olive oil and Maldon Salt. I could have eaten only that…
Loui_et_Jules_6But our starters came to the table! Two delicious and huge târtines. I have to admit that these Germans are the masters of bread. The bread was just incredible. I chose the one with Vitello Tonnato and she chose Burrata as her topping.
Loui_et_Jules_8AMAZING. The burrata was creamy, beautifully seasoned with pepper, olive oil and salt. Again, simple flavours are always the best. My Vitello Tonnato târtine was spectacular too. I love that almost every good restaurant in Bremen offers this North Italian specialty. They usually make quite nice takes on this delicious meat dish. Anyway, let’s have another look at those beautiful, succulent târtines…
Loui_et_Jules_4Loui_et_Jules_5If I have to say something negative about this restaurant is that it took more than half an hour betwwen we finished the starters and we got the main dish. I hate when this happens because normally when the dish arrives to the table I am not that hungry any more. Anyway, we spent that time talking and enjoying the views… not bad at all!
Loui_et_Jules_15Finally our main dish arrived: tuna tataki. I know, we are the only ones who order fish in a restaurant specialized in meat, but hey, sometimes we feel adventurous! And I have to say it was a very good choice!
Loui_et_Jules_11A very generous portion, too generous if I may say so, but perfectly cooked. We ordered grilled green asparagus on the side that were crunchy and salty. A perfect light Summer dish.
Loui_et_Jules_9Loui_et_Jules_10This restaurant has become one of our favourites in Bremen. The staff is super nice, the atmosphere is beyond great and the food is delicious. And if you are lucky and the weather is nice, its terrace is one of the best places to be in the city.
Loui_et_Jules_12Loui_et_Jules_14We were almost the last ones to leave and we left happy and full. Maybe we come back soon to finally make a picture of those burgers… If you happen to be in Bremen you should pay a visit to this restaurant. I know, I know, you might think that you will never spend a day in this little town in the North of Germany, but we thought the same four years ago and now look at us. You never know!
Louie & Jules Grill Boutique
Schlachte 36
+49 421 3017 4443


  1. p.sawyer says

    The place looks so romantic and the food so droolicious! How about the pricing? What are they like?

      • p.sawyer says

        Thanks for sharing! I went there for dinner last night and the place was amazing. Food was a little salty for my Singaporean tastebuds though (not a fault of the restaurant, since I find most German food quite salty).

        I will definitely be back and I’ll continue to read your blog as I’m also planning to move to Bremen! I’ll need lots of tips on settling in! Cheers!

      • Glad you like it!!! And glad to know a fellow blogger in Bremen! Please contact us via E-mail if you have any questions about Bremen!!! We will be more tan happy to help!

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