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Beauty favourites

We’ve been using these products over and over again for the last month, so we might as well share them with you because they are absolutely fantastic. We are not beauty experts but, from not beauty expert to another… do you want to have a look?
beauty_favourites_2We bought Guerlain’s Terracota Light Sheer Bronzing Powder at Munich airport last month when we came back from Ibiza. We had a lovely tan and we thought this could help and make it last a little bit longer. Even though our tan faded away (obviously), this product has helped to create the illusion that our skin was still sunkissed and glowy after a few days at the beach. It is light, a little bit peachy and not too shimmery. It ticks all the right boxes. I will use it for contour during colder moths.
beauty_favourites_8I bought this lipstick at Munich airport too as you saw on Instagram (I think Munich airport is one of the best on the beauty department, by the way). Since then, it hasn’t left my bag and it has become my everyday lipstick. It has a lovely strawberry-like colour, it’s sheer, light and bright at the same time. Super easy to wear and really flattering.
beauty_favourites_3And our last buy from the Munich airport… After two weeks in Ibiza and Formentera our skin was thirsty, our freckles had gone crazy and we knew we needed a shock treatment. I had read about this product and I was curious so I asked the lady on the Kiehl’s counter. Obviously I ended up buying something because that’s what you do if you ask something even if the question is not beauty related: where are the toilets? Bum! A new face mask that I know I won’t use. What time is it? Bam! Two more lipstick that I absolutely don’t need. Anyway, we are thrilled with the results. Even though it is an anti-aging product, it is just perfect for your skin to recover after a rough patch (Pun intended). During a couple of weeks we used it mornings and evenings, but now we use it only evenings with our beloved Midnight recovery concentrate. Our skin is and looks way healthier. We can’t recomend it enough!
beauty_favourites_4I am super pale. And I burnt super easily. So + 50 SPF is my best friend, specially on holidays. But I hate when I apply it and I look even paler. You know that feeling? All white, sticky and greasy? Well, I’ve found the solution. This BB cream gives you total protection and the most beautiful dewy skin. It adds a tad of colour and it illuminates your skin so your face will look a little bit sunkissed even before you hit the beach. You won’t probaly notice it on the picture, but that healthy shade on my hand is the bb cream doing its magic. My hand actually looks like a dead woman’s hand. Well, just compare that picture with my fingers on the following one…
beauty_favourites_5Speaking about hands, these are my two favourite nail polishes for the season. Pablo, by Yves Saint Laurent, belongs to their Spring collection but I love it so much that it is now my go – to red. It is vibrant, has an almost watermelon shade that I love and the quality is amazing.
beauty_favourites_6But if I had to choose one colour for my nails right now, it would be this one: Latte, by Maybelline’s Color Show. I bought it because I wanted to try this nude trend on my nails and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money in a shade I thought I would probably hate… But to my surprise I loved it. The quality is as good as other high end brands and the price tag is just ridiculous. This colours makes your hands look clean, if that makes sense.
beauty_favourites_7Finally, my favourite product. My mum gave it to me for my birthday and now I swear by it. The Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector by Clarins (here in Apricot Shimmer) is sweet and glossy but not overly so and gaves you the most beautiful natural fuller lips. Perfect for everyday no-make- up make up or paired with a sultry smoky eye.

What about you? Any news on the beauty department? Something we should absolutely buy?


  1. Great post! I use the same serum from Kiehl’s- it is amazing!!



    If you have a second, I would like to hear your thoughts on my latest post on

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