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Our bar cart

We’ve always wanted to have a nice bar cart. It feels kind of decadent, fancy and fun at the same time. We got this old bar cart from a second hand shop and as soon as we saw it we fell in love. It had that rustic vibe that we wanted for our home and the fading colour was perfect for our living room.

Bar_cart_5We wanted to display that beautiful set of glasses we bought in our last trip to Venice, so the colour palette was decided according to them.

Bar_cart_1Bar_cart_15The natural mood was there thanks to the old wood, so we added blue and green accents and cristal vases to make it look a little bit bright and light. A vintage bottle that we found in a flea market, some old San Bitter bottles used as a vase or tiny little bottles with cork bottle stoppers…
Bar_cart_2At first we looked for blue or green straws but then we thought it would all look really matchy-matchy. Finally we went for those green and pink ones. And we love the result. Plus what is a bar cart without paper colourful straws? My point exactly.
Bar_cart_9Bar_cart_8These little bowls add a nautical touch that we think goes perfectly with the colour palette. They are great to serve olives, nuts and other nibbles with our drinks. You can buy them here.  Those coasters were a present and they talk about London, so they are quite special for us.
Bar_cart_13Bar_cart_14To follow the nautical theme, we chose those… how do you call them? Little cristal sticks to mix your drinks? Anyway, cute fishes. Lovely.
Bar_cart_10We added flowers because they make things simply prettier. 

Bar_cart_7Bar_cart_1We found those blue trays a few days ago and we think they look great, besides they are really useful! Buy them here.

We hope you like our little bar cart. We are really happy with the result!


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