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Weekend style icons: Laura Fantacci

Today we want to share with you our go-to blog when we need style inspiration. Laura Fantacci is a stylist and fashion editor. A real one. A professional. She offers the best advice and ideas for a stylish everyday life.
We love her approach to fashion: authentic, coherent, real life appropriate. Her suggestions to elevate simple working outfits are the best. But she is great with casual outfits too…
wit5wit4 wit3She mixes expensive and high street, she wears flats but loves heels, she is a mom, she works… she is real. That’s why she is an inspiration.

And she sure knows how to style a denim jacket! (Don’t you love that JCrew jumpsuit? I do, but I tried it during my last visit to London and he did not love me back. He would have if my legs were 2 kilometers longer, though. Sigh!)

More images and inspiration on her blog Wearing it today.

Happy weekend!


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