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This week is a joyful one: Summer begins and brings the sales with it! Even though we live in a neverending Autumn/Winter season, we always get excited with sales. It doesn’t matter that we don’t need sandals or light dresses. But! Since we are pragmatic (or maybe boring?), we try to look for basic timeless pieces. These are on our wishlist:

1. A girly dress: Isn’t this colour wonderful? I’m sure it looks gorgeous with a sunkissed skin. They also have it in black, which is also beautiful.

2. A white blazer: I’ve been looking for a white blazer and this one is fantastic. I love the classic cut and the faux snakeskin leather collar. It makes it different but still wearable.

3.  Statement earrings: I usually wear tiny earrings but these ones are so fun and Summerish that  I love them. I probably would feel a little bit Carmen Miranda wearing them, but still.

4.  This dress/shirt is sold out online. But I have to find it! I’ve seen it in lots of magazines and blogs but I don’t care if everyone wears it. I want it too!

5.  A basic white shirt: plain and simple. If this is not a basic timeless piece I don’t know what it is.

To be honest, we usually fell for pieces that are not on sale and we end up coming back home with a bag of new season items. Does that happen to you to? These next two pieces would be those not on sale finds that we would take home with us anyway.

6. The best camera bag: because we hate all those huge backpacks to carry our camera with us. This one is pretty, huh?

7. Leather espadrilles: this is a little bit of a splurge. But aren’t they beautiful? And basic? And timeless?


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