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Make up gurus

It’s been a long time since I wanted to publish this post. Don’t you love make up youtoubers? Watching make up tutorials in You Tube is one of my guilty pleasures. I find it oddly relaxing! besides you can always learnt one thing or two. These are my favourite make up gurus:

1. Michelle Phan: she was the first person I watched in You Tube. I don’t know how I got to her channel, probably through some blog. Anyway, she has evolved a lot and has created her own make up brand. Some of her videos now are crazy and involve Manga characters, but she shares thousands of useful tips and she is sweet.

2. Vivianna does make up: she has that girl next door vibe going on and I love it. I think we could be besties. She is fun, normal and does weekly vlogs that I can’t stop watching (which makes me feel like a stalker, to be honest). Anyway, I love her channel.

3. Lisa Eldridge: She is the queen of make up. She works with celebrities and magazines, this is another level. She makes everything looks so easy and doable… that I just feel the need to buy all the products she uses. Now I’m absolutely obsessed with her last tutorial with Alexa Chung.

What about you? Do you also find make up tutorials totally hypnotic? Any You Tube channels we should be aware of?

Image via Garance Dore


  1. chellyyrose says

    I’m surprised you’ve only named those three, since there are so many out there! If you haven’t already, you should check out Jacklyn Hill! She used to be a M.A.C. make up artist but now she makes really great YouTube videos with so much knowledge to share and has such a sweet personality. There’s also Lauren Curtis, and Aussie beauty who does gorgeous tutorials and shows us useful tips and tricks!

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