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The Brazil team

Since we can’t stop thinking about Brazil lately (and the fact that the World Cup is all over the news doesn’t help), we have put together our winning Brazil team. Of amazing hotels, of course.

1. Chili Beach: the most amazing hotel in Jericoara, one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world according to the Washington Post. Luxury accommodation, fantastic service and the perfect mixture between natural beauty and exquisite design. That swimmingpool in the first picture speaks for itself, don’t you think?
2. Fazenda São Francisco do Corumbao: this small boutique hotel is surrounded by palm trees and has a long deserted beach. It makes all paradise fantasies come true. They offer a wide range of activities to feel adventurous and lots of hammocks to relax and dream about selling everything and move there. That would be quite and adventure too, right?


3. Fasano Rio de Janeiro:  this luxury hotel in the heart of Ipanema Beach is, whithout a doubt, the most sophosticated and glamorous option of this list. Designed by Philip Starck, its exquisite decor and swimmingpool cocktails are the best example of that modern Braasilian allure.

Santa Teresa Hotel
4.Santa Teresa Hotel: it claims to be the perfect hotel to discover a new Rio de Janeiro. Panoramic views, magnificent gardens, elegant atmosphere, a spa with the best eco brands and a chef specialised in classic and modern French cuisine. This place is fancy.

5. Orixás Art Hotel: rustic sophistication, organic materials and African-Brazilian inspiration. In this hotel you will be surprised by the paintings and sculptures that can be found between the preserved vegetation (I can’t help but remembering Indiana Jones movies here). It also offers an organic vegetable garden for for the guests consumption. If you are environmentally concious, this place is for you.


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