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Ibiza’s top picks

This is going to be the last post about our days in Ibiza. We have tried to show you a different side of the island, the one we discovered and loved. Lonely coves, long walks in the countryside and candle light dinners in the old town. That was our Ibiza. And here you have our 10 top picks just for you:

1. Dalt Vila: don’t miss Santo Domingo’s church, the views from the bastions and the architecture. The silhouette of Dalt Vila against the sunset is one of the most beautiful images of Ibiza.

2. Cala des Moltons: this place is hidden away from the tourists and has the most beautiful beach bar: Utopia. Their couscous and their Mojitos will make you taste buds jump.

3. Las Dalias market: every Saturday morning (and some nights during the Summer too) you will be able to mingle with old hippies. Look for beautiful fabrics to take back home and don’t forget to try a nice fresh fruit juice.

Ibiza_Ses Salines

4. Early walks at Ses Salines: this natural park is beyond beautiful. Wake up early and enjoy the coves, the dunes and the scent of pines. Explore before the crowds invade the beach!

5. Cala Olivera: a little bit difficult to find, but the two kilometers hike will be justified by its incredible emerald green waters, a tiny bar where you can eat the most exquisite grilled sardines (expect nothing fancy!) and the perfect place to relax and forget the world.

6. The North route: discover the beautiful villages of Santa Agnes, San Mateo and San Miguel.  Their little white churches are delightful.

7. A massage in Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena. Treat yourself to one of its fantastic treatments.

8. Santa Gertrudis: the most charming village of the island. Eat at Can Costa and buy something nice at Els Cucons.

9. El Olivo: savour an amazing dinner at El Olivo. This restaurant is placed in the old town and has an incredible allure. Try their fish specialties and don’t forget to indulge to their surprising pineapple carpaccio with rosemary syrup.

10. Cocktails at sunset in Cala Tarida. There is a really cool lounge bar overlooking Cala Tarida. Perfect to chill out, drink cocktails and enjoy the famous Ibiza’s sunsets.


  1. Thanks for the diverse list of what to do in Ibiza. People usually only talk about beaches and bars. Great post!

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