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Weekend style icons: Talisa

Happy Friday! After two weeks of absence, our Weekend style icons series is back! Today’s post is an ode to simplicity. Meet Talisa, the face of Badlands.

We discovered her blog recently and her minimalist sense of style captivated us.  She is now one of our favorite sources of inspirations. Simple looks, no accessories, sober cuts and fantastic photographs. That’s what we love about her.


badlands4These looks are perfect for our Summer. Some of you might think that long sleeves and jeans are not Summer-appropriate but when you live in the North of Europe… this is exactly what you need. Besides, everything looks so comfy and (I hate to use this word, but that’s how it is) cool.
badlands2badlands3The following  could be my new favourite look ever:
badlands5Now, let’s take a moment to admire her fantastic leo print clutches and those beautiful little rings…

For more images and inspiration visit her blog Badlands.

Have a great weekend!


    • Thanks for your comment! By the way, you look really sweet in your last post! I’n not a fan of Birkenstocks, but you rock them!

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