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A different Saturday

In Ibiza, on Saturdays, you go to Las Dalias market. We’ve heard a lot about it and we didn’t know exactly what to expect but we loved it!

After an early lovely breakfast on our terrace we headed to San Carles, where the market takes place. We really recommend to be there before 11 a.m. otherwise you will find a huge and annoying traffic jam. Besides, it gets really crowded and the market is not that big, so it’s better to be an early-riser!
Ibiza - Las_Dalias_2Ibiza - Las_Dalias_3Even though most of the products and pieces on sale are not exactly our style, we  bought loved lots of things, mostly presents for our friends. We would recommend Agat Carmon for jewellery, Miky Goikoetxea for ceramics and Belinda for the most amazing fabrics, cashmere scarves, quilts and bedspreads. We bought an amazing Pakistani quilt that we know we will treasure for life. Belinda herself told us that she travels a lot to find these unique pieces.
The atmosphere at Las Dalias is absolutely special and the artisans and sellers have a strong personality. Even though the market is quite pricey (and don’t fool yourself, you will buy something), it absolutely deserves a visit. It’s fun, it’s original and it’s the quintessence of Ibiza.
Ibiza - Las_Dalias_4Ibiza - Las_Dalias_5Ibiza - Las_Dalias_6After our little shopping spree, we enjoyed a couple of drinks in one of the market’s bars. Mine was a beyond delicious fresh fruit juice and hers was… a Mojito. Ehem, we were on holidays, you are supposed to have cocktails whenever you want, right?
And guess what? we were hungry. Yes, we usually are. We said goodbye to the Market and drove to Santa Gertrudis, a small village in the middle of the island that was, without any doubt, my favourite place in Ibiza.
Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_12Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_13Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_14

The day was stormy and maybe it was because of that, but the village had a magical allure. It felt like one of those places you would read about, the scenario of a great novel, a saga maybe. But let’s get back to our empty stomachs! We ate at Can Costa, a traditional restaurant/bar that is famous because of its cold meats, bread and cheeses. Let us tell you something: it’s famous for a reason. It was epic! Oh my!

Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_19 Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_18 Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_15

Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_17Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_16After one of the best meals we’ve ever had (seriously, in Spain there is nothing better than gool old cold meats and nice bread) we discovered the most amazing boutique. Really, everything, I insist: EVERYTHING, was absolutely beautiful. I wanted to lived in that store. Never leave. Buy it all. This Pinterest paradise is called Es Cucons.
Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_11 Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_10 Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_09 Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_08 Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_07 Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_06 Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_05 Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_04 Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_03 Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_02 Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_01We took some nice things with us for our entry-way (we are still working on making it look prettier) and had a lovely chat with the owner who told us about the hotel they have in the northwest area of the Island, (which looks absolutely amazing by the way), the best coves to visit in the North of Ibiza and the difference between the “party-Ibiza” and the real Ibiza. And well, Santa Gertrudis is the real, quiet, full of charm Ibiza. We visited the church, which was absolutely beautiful, wander a little bit through the tiny streets and headed back home happy to have spent such a wonderful Saturday in the heart of Ibiza!
Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_20Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_24Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_23Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_21Ibiza - Santa Gertrudris_25


  1. I always pictures Ibiza as a “crazy party dance-all-day-and-night-long” island. Interesting to see an other side of it. How long would you recommend to stay on Ibiza if I want to visit?

    • Hi Myriam! Ibiza has two very different sides. The quiet one is our fave, obviously. We were there 15 days and we still did not have time to visit all the coves and little villages we wanted to visit. Anyway, I think a long weekend would be nice if you choose one area and stick to it (I truly recommend the North of the island for charming atmosphere and wild nature!) But if you go for a week or ten days you could also make a jump to Formentera, which is amazing. Either way, you will enjoy your stay, that’s for sure!
      Thanks for your comment!!

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