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We had heard that Formentera was incredibly beautiful. We had seen it in pictures, movies, travel magazines… but we weren’t prepared to the breathtaking beauty of this little island. We were shocked. Truly. We took two day trips during our stay in Ibiza and, honestly, we regret not having stayed the night. The week. Forever.
formentera_1formentera_3formentera_4In our first trip we rented a car and made a little tour around the island. Our first stop was this beautiful beach: Cala Saona. The sea was brave, the wind was blowing and the place was just waking up lazily. It was still early in the morning, so we decided to stay a little bit, read, sunbathe and enjoy the peace.
formentera_5This beach is fantastic as a first contact with the island. It has a couple of restaurants and a beautiful hotel, so it’s a great first step before getting to know other parts of the islands that are lonelier and have no services. Of course, we follow our route into those solitary areas. We wanted to see the famous lighthouses, wild beaches and tiny villages.

formentera_7 formentera_10 formentera_9 formentera_8

We specially loved the lighthouse at La Mola, just at the end of the island. It was intriguing and lonely. I guess we all have that romantic and melancolic idea of lighthouses, don’t you think? This one was full of an amazing energy too, though. It invited you to sit, breathe deeply, look at the sea, let your mind free and think about the future.  But we were hungry so all our thoughts and wishes were suddenly focused on a lovely meal by the sea! ;) Off we went, driving along the east coast to the natural park of Ses Salines. We wanted to eat in one of its fantastic restaurants on the beach.
formentera_12 formentera_11 formentera_13We have heard wonders about Juan y Andrea, a really famous restaurant located on Ses Illetes beach, but the guard at the entrance of the park recommended us the opposite direction because of the wind that day. So we drove to Levante beach were we had this amazing fresh, tasty, healthy, delicious lunch an Restaurante Tanga. Alioli, olives, a beautiful salad and some incedible grilled shrimps. Everything washed down with sangría. Obviously. The staff was super nice and we were really happy because this restaurant was not on our plans! Even though I’m a total control freak I always love these unexpected findings! So we left smiling, full and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon under the sun, doing nothing.  We were on holidays after all.

formentera_14 formentera_17 formentera_16 formentera_15

And this was our plan for the afternoon. The most beautiful beach we had ever been to. It’s called Playa de Levante and it’s a firm competitor to the most famous beach in Ibiza, Playa de Ses Illetes. Crystal clear waters, fine sand, almost no people… all surrounded by beautiful sand dunes.  We spent the rest of the day with our feet in the sand, mesmerized by the views, feeling the sun relaxing our muscles, listening to the waves… We were so happy we could cry. I know that is a cliche, but that was how we felt. How could we not? Look at that place!
formentera_21formentera_20formentera_19It was time to head back to the port were the ferry would take us back to Ibiza. We promised to come back the following week, just to spend the day at the beach.
formentera_23formentera_27With our skin still warm, our feet still covered in sand and our cheeks a little bit red, we arrived to this beautiful sunset in Ibiza.
formentera_34 formentera_35formentera_37During our second day trip we did what we had promised ourselves: stay the whole day at the beach. We started at Ses Illetes, where we found the most beautiful waters.

formentera_41formentera_45formentera_44formentera_43formentera_42This is the favourite beach of the beautiful people that visits Formentera. I don’t blame them: it’s gorgeous. But after some time we decided to head back to Playa de Levante. We just couldn’t help it.
formentera_47formentera_50formentera_49formentera_48formentera_52Playa de Levante became our favourite for various reasons: it’s even quieter, it’s lonelier and there is a more free vibe (nudism is quite normal here). It just felt more like us. Actually, if we were an island, I think we would be Formentera!


  1. Great islands to watch the boats from…. The superyachts around the Balearics in summertime are among the best in the world and getting bigger and more beautiful every year :)

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