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Utopía, Cala des Moltons

We’re back from our holidays in Ibiza. That’s sad. Sigh! But we are full of energy and have lots of things to share with you, so this blog is coming back to its normal schedule! Let’s start with one of the highlights of our trip: a hidden restaurant in a tiny cave called Cala des Moltons. We were exploring the North of the island when we found this little foodie paradise.
Utopia - Cala des Moltons_2Placed next to Port San Miquel, a beautiful beach which has been taken by thousands of really obvious tourist hotels, shops and restaurants, to find this cave you will have to hike a little bit and follow the white and turquoise signs which will lead you to Utopia, this tiny beach restaurant with only three tables with a passion for local organic produce.

Utopia - Cala des Moltons_3Utopia - Cala des Moltons_5The hike takes no longer than 10 minutes, but it will transport you far away from the loud music, the hoards of families looking for cheap meals and all the tourist parafernalia. The views along the way will make you want to stop and breath. The scent of pines, the sound of the water rocking the boats… That’s the Mediterranean allure at its best.

Utopia - Cala des Moltons_4Utopia - Cala des Moltons_1Suddenly you will see this little haven, both for boats (one side of the cove is full of the typical constructions to shelter llauts, Ibiza’s traditional boats) and for thirsty and hungry travellers. Utopia is white, turquoise and vibrant pink. It mixes the laid back Ibiza style, some Greek touches (those white chairs!) and a menu with delicious Moroccan influences. The place is simply beautiful. It gives you that euphoric feeling that only comes with those unexpected discoveries when travelling.

Utopia - Cala des Moltons_6Utopia - Cala des Moltons_7Utopia - Cala des Moltons_8We started with Mojitos. Obviously we had to celebrate our discovery! Fresh, minty and sweet.
Utopia - Cala des Moltons_17Utopia - Cala des Moltons_12The restarurant is unpretentious, with a small menu based on local produce.Utopia - Cala des Moltons_16

Utopia - Cala des Moltons_15We finally went for the plate of squids and sardines and a fantastic cous cous with pollo payés (that is local organic chicken) that was on the menu just for the day! Both were truly amazing. Utopia - Cala des Moltons_29The fish plate was tasty, seasoned with a subtle garlic touch that didn’t hide the original flavours.
Utopia - Cala des Moltons_23The cous cous was the best one we’ve ever eaten. They served it beautifully. The chicken was as tender as they get. Everything was juicy, cooked perfectly and… just delicious. Every ingredient had its own flavour and it mixed perfectly with the others.
Utopia - Cala des Moltons_28Utopia - Cala des Moltons_24It was a meal we will remember forever. If I close my eyes I still can recall the flavours, the scents, the sound of the sea on the background… Ended with the perfect espresso in the perfect tiny cup.

Utopia - Cala des Moltons_30Utopia - Cala des Moltons_21Utopia - Cala des Moltons_18Utopia - Cala des Moltons_20After such a great meal they offer a nice chill out lounge and sunbeds to spend the afternoon napping or enjoing more cocktails. That’s up to you.

Utopia - Cala des Moltons_33Utopia - Cala des Moltons_35If you enjoy slow paced meals, lonely coves and happy moments this little restaurant is for you. This is the side of Ibiza we’ve enjoyed the most.Utopia - Cala des Moltons_32 Utopia - Cala des Moltons_13 Utopia - Cala des Moltons_10 Utopia - Cala des Moltons_9Utopia is open from May to October and they offer dinners too!
Cala des Moltons, Puerto de San Miguel. Ibiza
Tel. +34 687 253 491
[email protected]


  1. MMMMM i wanna travel to RIGHT NOW haha :) looks divine and I wish you a fab summer.

    Have a great week dear :)

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis – inredning it’s, Swedish for decor :)

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